Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Download Minion Rush for PC [ Windows XP 7 8 and MAC ]

Download Minion Rush For PC was initially available only on IOS,but later Gameloft developed Minion Rush for Android and windows OS.Minion Rush For PC is inspired from the movie Despicable me which is a 3D animated movie and now the game has become more popular than the movie.Despicable Me Minion rush is an endless runner game similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers,the only difference comes in former you need to collect bananas and in the later ones you need to collect coins.But Minion Rush for PC has some objectives and levels which makes the game much more interesting and exciting.The game play and Graphics of Minion Rush is simply awesome when compare to its competitors that makes it to top above all.Minion Rush Game For PC is not yet available officially but you can play it on your computer using an emulator for free.

Download Minion Rush For PC-Android Apk Iphone[Windows 7 8 Mac]

minion rush game for pc

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How to Play Minion Rush on PC Game play and Features

In Minion rush you can see Gru’s loyal, yellow, gibberish-speaking Minions all over these minions are funny and their expressions are really unique which makes the game more exciting.
Download Minion rush game free
You are provided with a minion,while running you need to collect bananas and hit the other minions on your way to increase your score.Gameplay is similar to temple run you have to run move to your left and right ,jump up and slide down and escape from the obstacles like food carts and thin bridges but here it is more exciting. 

How to Play Minion Rush On PC / Laptop

Here is a small video tutorial on how to play Minion Rush game after watching this you can easily get to know the graphics and features of this Free PC game. 

How to Play Minion Rush on PC/Laptop For Windows  (Using Bluestacks ) 

In order to play Minion Rush in your PC,all you need is an android emulator.Yes you need to download an Android emulator which acts an interface for running all the mobile apps which are available in Playstore.
  • Bluestacks is one such android emulator which allows you to run all the apps available in play store as mentioned earlier.
  •  You can download it from this link Download Latest Bluestacks offline installer
  • Once you are done with the installation search for Minion Rush in the play store 
  • Download it,after downloading you can find it in the main menu
  • Click on the Icon and start Playing !!!

How to Download Minion Rush 2 on PC For Windows (using YouWave Emulator)

YouWave is a best alternative for bluestacks,it is also an android emulator which is used to run android apps on PC/Laptop.It is lighter and easier to use.To play Minion Rush on your PC/Laptop you need to follow the below steps

  • First you have to Download Youwave Android Emulator Click Here
  • After you finish the installation,Search for Minion Rush Game .
  • Then Download  Minion Rush and you can see a shortcut icon in the Menu click on it 
  • Start Playing  Minion Rush on your PC/Laptop

How to Play Minion Rush on MAC OS

Most of us Own an Apple Computer or MAC books,To run Android or IOS applications on MAC OS we need an emulator.One such amazing emulator available for MAC is IPadian or IPadian 2.You can start playing  Minion Rush on your MAC device by following these steps
  • Download an Ipadian for your PC.Click here to Download Ipadian for free
  • Once you are done with the downloading and installation part search for  Minion Rush in Ipadian
  • Click on the shortcut icon in the main menu and Start Playing !!!
Please Stay Tuned and Subscribe to Our Site for More Tips and Tricks For Your PC.If you have any Confusion on How To Download Minion Rush For PC please feel free to comment below.


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