Saturday, 12 November 2016

Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2016 - Unknown & Amazing !!

Whatsapp Messenger is now the best smartphone mobile messaging application that we have seen till now.It has got unique and truly unbelievable features which has priced at $ 22 Billion.We all know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently made the deal to purchase and Acquire Whatsapp or $22 Billion which was confirmed in the month of September,2014. We can expect how huge can be value of Whatsapp messaging app as it is priced so high.Every month more than 400 active users are seen on Whatsapp  which is very close and near top beat the record of Facebook.The main reason why most of the people are attracted to it as because it gives you fast blazing messaging service which is truly awesome.It also has some other features which are good to see and use as well.

Best Whatsapp Trick and Tips 2015 :

top 10 Whatsapp Tricks
It has got  a Better UI design which can be understood by any new users and User interface is quite predictable than other messaging applications.SO I am going to share some of the most beautiful tricks and Tips for Whatsapp messenger. I will be teaching you some of the best Tips and Tricks like how to hide your last seen,Then Hide your Status and Profile picture easily.Use whats app for life long and then more good tips and tricks.So, 'let's get started and get unknown to the best tips you can learn for Whatsapp.
Whatsapp has become of the largest used messaging application and it has been released for different operating systems too.It is released for all versions of Android, IOS ( Iphone and Ipad) , BlackBerry, Windows Phone,Symbian, Nokia and Java.It provides you the ultimate features of sending message to anyone unlimited and there are not restrictions.You can send files, Video and Pictures also.

Best Unknown Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2014

Best 20 Whatsapp Tricks
I will be showing you some of the most asked and unpredictable Whatsapp tricks you can ever imagine.You can simply make use of these simple Whatsapp tricks and Tips if you follow my whole guide of Tricks and Tips.

1.How to Use Whatsapp without Using any Mobile Number

Here is the best ever Whatsapp trick you can know.Using this trick you can install Whatsapp without having a mobile number.This trick is really awesome as it requires no SIM Card at all or usage of mobile number for registration.
  • Firstly Un Install Whatsapp and Then Re Install it
  • During the time of Verification it will ask to verify your mobile number
  • Then put your mobile device on flight mode to block all out going messages easily
  • Make sure you have installed Spoof for Android firstly
  • Now you have to chose an alternative method to verify Whatsapp.Then , check " Verification through SMS" and give them your email details and click on send
  • Instantly without waiting for any more time, you have to click on cancel and the whole process will be terminated
  • Now open the fake messaging application " Spoof' and use the below details likely
To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Your email address
  • Your Spoof app will get the verification code now and happily you can use it to verify your Whatsapp account without mobile number

2. How to Hide your Mobile Number in Whatsapp Groups

We all do Group chatting and most of the times we come known to unknown people during chats and messages in groups.There is an little awesome trick which can help you to hide your phone number on Whatsapp account during Group chats.
  • First Un Install and Then Re-Install Whatsapp on your Mobile phone
  • At the time of Verification of Mobile number you have to keep your mobile on Flight mode
  • Now click on " Verify through SMS' and then after enter your Email ID, then click on send button
  • In a second click on Cancel which will terminate the whole process
  • click here  to Download Spoof Text Messages to spoof your message 
  • Then go to the outbox and copy all the details of spoof application and then send it spoofed verification
  • You can use below details
To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Enter you email id
Sometimes later the messages will be sent to that spoofed number and it will appear to all in Group chats than to use your Original number.

3.Password Lock For Whatsapp * - Best Lock Trick for Whatsapp Account

We all know how important any account we need to play safe with our accounts.I will be showing you how you can add Password security to your Whatsapp account.SO, that it is safe and no one other can track in or use it unwillingly.

You can use Smartphone security/lock apps to secure your Whatsapp but the best one i would suggest it to use Whatsapp Lock.

  • You Can Download Whatsapp Lock application from this download link
  • Then Install it on your Smartphone and add a Password to secure your Whatsapp account from everyone

4.Attach and Send PDF, APK and Zip File Extension Via Whatsapp

Whatsapp does not allow you to send other file attachments.SO, you won't be allowed to send PDF,APK and Zip file extensions Via Whatsapp messenger.I will be showing you how you can send PDF,APK files through Whatsapp.

  • Download and Install ' Whats Packed 2 ads" application
  • Then you will be able to send any PDF, APK or Zip file to anyone in your Contacts
  • Receiver also need to install this application

5. Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Android ( More than one Whatsapp account on single Android device)

We all know that Whatsapp only supports a single number through one Android smartphone.We cannot add or have multiple Whatsapp account running on one Android device. Now do you want to know how  you  can easily add multiple accounts to your Android device.We will be using Switch Me app on your Android device to control one or more Whatsapp account on single Android smartphone and Tablet.

  • You have to download and Install SwitchMe app on your Android device firstly
  • After that add one or more accounts using this simple app
  • Switch Me application allows you to handle more than one Whatsapp account, data and storage.

6. Extend Whatsapp Trial Period - Get More free Trail Period even when its over

We all know that Whatsapp ask for $0.99 after one year of usage and its compulsory.SO, we either have to buy the package for one more year or let our Whatsapp accounts rust to dust.Using this short and simple trick you can extend the free trail period of your Whatsapp for one more year.This trick is really simple and finely working.You can get on more year extended free trial period.You don't have to pay any single penny for this purpose.
When your free trial period is going to be completed, then finally delete your Whatsapp account.After that you have to create a new account.The whole process will be done in 5 minutes or less but you will be getting one more year of Whatsapp free account.
  • How to Delete your Whatsapp Account
  • Go to Settings and click on Account
  • Then click on  " Delete my Account" option
After that create anew account using the same name and details and you will see the free trial being extended.You can save your data first and re upload it for the new account.

7. Best * Recover Deleted Whatsapp Conversations - Recover Deleted Messages and Chats

Sometimes you might delete your Whatsapp messages or conversations.Accidental deleting messages would go so wrong as messages might be very of interest and value.You need to know that Whatsapp always backups the messages and stores them in your memory.Then this trick is for you to get back all your messages easily.


  • Uninstall Whatsapp and Then Re-install it after sometimes
  • It will ask to restore all your history , Data and messages and click OK for it
  • Now after Re installing you can see all your messages are back there

8. Download Whatsapp For PC and Laptop

We all know that Whatsapp is not released for Desktop versions of Windows.So, it has not been released for Windows desktop like Windows 8,7 and XP.So, using this trick you can Download and install Whatsapp for PC Laptop [Direct Link].You need to download Bluestacks for this purpose and then follow the below guide.

  • Firstly Download Bluestacks Offline Installer For PC
  • Then search for ''Whatsapp" app in search bar
  • Download and Install the app on your PC/Laptop 
  • Now configure using your Mobile number and start using Whatsapp on your Windows PC or Laptop.

9. Create Shortcuts for Important Contacts

Do you want to keep some of  your important contacts separate on Whatsapp.But you don' have nay option to separate your contacts from the important ones.Using this short trick you can easily create a group for contacts.You just have to long press on contacts to create a separate group.
Then a small pop up will appear asking you to create a shortcut for conversations.Follow it and create a group of contacts easily.


This trick is not there for IOS version.You have to download and Install a third party application named click here  for 1 TapWa ,Use it for creating a separate group of contacts.

10. Stop Auto Downloading Images and Videos Trick * - Best Whatsapp trick ever

Whatsapp has default feature which automatically downloads media files like audio, Pictures and Videos which is really bad for storage space.This feature may decrease space on both the Internal and External storage.It will also kill your battery life.To block or stop auto downloading feature you can use this simple trick.
  • Go to your Whatsapp Account and Click on Settings
  • Then click on Chat Settings and Media auto Download
  • Change the settings accordingly , see in above image.

11.Best Whatsapp Trick to Hide the Sent Image using Another Image

Do you want to hid the images you have sent to your friends during any conversation.Then you can easily do it suing our fast and simple method of changing the image with other image.
click here for Magiapp TRICKS apps for Android devices and click here for Thumb app for your IOS device allows you to hide any of your sent image with other image easily.

When you use this application, the original image will be replaced with others.SO, when ever someone click on that image they can see the original picture then only.This trick is not allowed for Blackberry or Windows Phone.

12. Whatsapp Statics -Get All your Whatsapp Statics and Data

Whatsapp has become a way of time passing and you would be spending a lot of time chatting with your friends.So do you want to know how much time you spend on Whatsapp daily.You can get all the statics information related to your account like messages sent, received,Data sent easily.I will be showing you how you can do this very easily and get your Whatsapp Data.
Go to Settings and Click on Usage
here you can find all the details on your usage of Whatsapp easily

Second Method 

If your not satisfied with it, then you can use click here for Whatstat App which gives all your Whatsapp account detail more precisely.All the details are sent in colored graph form.

13. Hide your Whatsapp Profile Picture - Awesome Whatsapp Trick

To Hide your profile picture, feature is available in the latest version of Android.So, you cannot do this in the older versions of Whatsapp.You can download the Latest Whatsapp version from here.
Using this trick you can hid your profile picture and make it invisible for others to view.This is apart of latest Whatsapp security and privacy settings.
  • Then go to Settings and click on Account Privacy and select the best privacy option you like

14. How to Stop Whatsapp Images to Appear in Photo Album

All the Pictures, Videos sent on your Whatsapp account by different people like your Friends and Family directly appear in your Photo Album in Whatsapp folder.It is the same with all different photo album applications for Android and IOS merely.So, it get's little confusing when you use your Photo Album and get confused with all the images at one place.
Using this trick you can stop Whatsapp images being appeared on your Gallery.
For Android Users
  • You need to have a file manager application 
  • I will select ES File Explorer which is really good , Install it on your Android device
  • Then go to Whatsapp folder and create file named .nomedia file
  • So as to do this you have to Tap New button in the lower left, choose File and create a file with name .nomedia
  • Now your Whatsapp Images and Videos won't appear in Gallery or Photo Album
For IOS users
  • You have to go to Settings option
  • Then click on Privacy settings and enter it
  • Select Photos under it and uncheck the Whatsapp images option
  • Now your Whatsapp images won't be shown in Photo Album on IOS devices

15. Create Fake Conversations and Messages on Whatsapp - Easy and Amazing Whatsapp Trick

Have you ever thought of creating fake conversations and messages to prank any of your friends.Yes, you can easily create Fake messages or Chat on your Whatsapp between any two people.We will be using Whatsaid app for this purpose.
  • To Download Whatsaid App Click here
  • Install it and start making pranks with your friends

16. Trick to Share File of Size More Than  16 MB ON Whatsapp

We all know that Whatsapp does not allow us to share any file which is more than 16 megabytes.We can easily send Images and Audio files who's size doesn't really matter because most of them are less than 16 MB.While we talk about Videos are to have a size of more than 16 MB sometimes.
You can easily send Videos of size more than 16 MB using Whatsapp.Don't believe then try this simple trick.
  • You have to compress your Video for this process
  • We will be using Video Whatsapp Converter for this
  • Using it , you can compress the Video file size to mcuh less than 16 MB

17. Trick to Configure Whatsapp Without SIM Card

Whatsapp requires configuration with a SIM Card on any mobile or Smartphone.So, we cannot install Whatsapp without a proper SIM Card inserted in the device.So, do you want to know how you can easily get rid of this feature.Follow my simple guide and you can install Whatsapp on any Mobile or Smartphone without SIM Card.
  • You should have to Mobile phones for this Trick firstly
  • One to verify Whatsapp service and Other mobile top install Whatsapp on it
  • Make sure that SIM Card is not registered with any Whatsapp account
  • Download and Start Installing Whatsapp on mobile ( Wihtout SIM)
  • Next you have to verify SIM number using pin, enter the Mobile number on second mobile ( SIM Card)
  • You will receive verification code on second mobile ( With SIM Card)
  • Now enter the verification code on first device and start using it happily

18. Trick to Migrate Whatsapp Messages from One Phone to Other

When ever you change your Mobile from one to other you also have to transfer all your messages from one mobile to another which is not known to all.So to migrate Messages from old phone to the new phone you have to follow this simple guide of mine.
  • Before you install Whatsapp on the new phone
  • You have to go to File Manger > Whatsapp Folder
  • Click on Database on old phone and save to your PC
  • Now install Whatsapp on New phone and copy the Database from PC to new phone

19. Change the Phone Number Of A Whatsapp Account

DO you want to know how you can change the Phone Number that is linked with a Whatsapp account.So, you have to uninstall and re-install Whatsapp on the same phone with a new SIM card at the end.
Also there is an option on Whatsapp which allows you to change the phone number linked to a phone number.
Go to Settings > Account > Change Number
Now you can easily change the mobile number.

20.Hide Last Seen in Whatsapp

Whatsapp last seen feature in Whatsapp tell you when your friend has seen the conservation or not.It gives you the time when your friend has seen your previous or last chat.This is really good feature but sometimes it gets tricky when you don't want to let others know that you have seen their chats.Or sometimes you don't want to talk with anyone.Its better to be safe by closing this feature.Previously we used to download many " Third Part Apps" from Google Playstore in order to stop the last seen feature in Whatsapp.But now you don't have to use ANY more 3rd party apps as you get an amazing feature setting to change your Last seen.This setting is available in the latest Whatsapp version where you can instruct Whatsapp to change the privacy of last seen feature.
Follow this short guide on " How to hide last seen in Whatsapp"
  • Open your Whatsapp Messenger first
  • then go to Settings section and click on Account
  • Next head towards Privacy and click on Last Seen
  • Next select Last seen for " Everyone , My Contacts or Nobody"

21.Change Whatsapp Theme - Kick your old Whatsapp Theme

In Whatsapp you might be able to change your DP, Background and Status but you cannot change  old Theme of Whatsapp.So, you can change your old Whatsapp theme into anew one using click here for Whatsapp Theme Holo application. Whatsapp Theme Holo provides you some of the best Whatsapp themes, colors and much more to decorate your Theme and custom,size it better.There a dozens of themes provided including the default theme.
Download Whatsapp Holo From here
Please feel free to express your views on this Guide we would be glad to hear from you.


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