Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dubsmash Apk for Android, Window, Iphone & IOS - Free Download

Download Dubsmash : Dubsmash is an amazing and interesting Application though which you can have fun whole day. Dubsmash is a video messaging application launched for IOS and Android smartphone device. There are many audio clips which can be selected on their which to be dubbed with video. Just select an interesting funny video clip and dub it with an audio clip and send it to your friends and family instantly. You can send this video directly through Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or even save it in your own gallery. This is really an amazing app that is full of entertainment and enjoy.  You will require Wi-Fi or Internet connection to use this app and see everything in live.

Dubsmash Apk for Android - Free Download

Download Dubsmash App
Dubsmash is launched for Android and IOS platform so it is very easy to install this app on your Smartphone device. Below is the procedure for installing this amazing App on Android and IOS Smartphone devices. Make sure you follow the steps clearly to get it downloaded and installed in your device. There are different store to download this app on Android device and IOS device. Different OS device users need to download this app from their stores.

Dubsmash Features:

Dubsmash is interesting video messaging app which dubs any type of video with your selected audio clip. Here are some feature of Dubsmash App which attracts the users and make it amazing.
Download Dubsmash
  • Select any video clip from your device t o be dubbed
  • Add trending, latest and old audios to your video
  • Select text and filters to add on your clip
  • Share with your friends and families at single instant
  • Sending video though Wi- Fi is very fast using this App

Download Dubsmash for Android Phones from Google Play Store:

Start dubbing your funny and boring video using Dubsmash app in your Android device. This app is launched for Android device so we can download it directly from the Google play store. Below is procedure to be followed to install and download Dubsmash App on your Android device.
Download Dubsmash for Android
  • Firstly go to Google Play store with your respective Gmail account logged in
  • Now Search for "Dubsmash" App in Search bar
  • Click on install button and accept the condition to download
  • App will be downloaded in your Android device
  • Open the App from menu and start using it

Download Dubsmash for IOS iphone ipod and ipad :

Dubsmash is also launched for IOS devices iPod, iPad and iPhone. This funny and interesting app can be download on our IOS device from the Apply iTunes store. To download this app you need to have log in Apple store with you valid account details. Once installed then start dubbing your videos with interesting trendy audio clips and sent to your friends.
Download Dubsmash for iphone
  • First of all go to Apple iTunes store and login with your Apple account
  • Then search for "Dubsmash" App in iTunes store
  • Click on Install button below the App details
  • Now your App will be saved in your Apps menu
  • Open Dubsmash App from menu and start dubbing the videos.
Dubsmash for windows phone is not yet available so you guys have to wait for few more days.I guess you all are clear with how to download dubsmash for Android and iphone.Please feel free to comment your queries