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Best Online Shopping Sites 2016 - Top 3 Online Shopping Sites In The World

Best Online Shopping Sites 2016: Shopping has grown to multi trillion dollar business now with more trends coming on. It is one of the best markets one can get into because there is no end for shopping and sales. Human needs grow and things like clothing, accessories, Technology, Wear and more increases gradually. It is a fact that Shopping is the best profitable business, we can see live examples of sites like Amazon and Ebay making millions of dollar every day. In my view, Online shopping through sites has increased over the past decade but not to the best. There are many countries and cities which are still isolate from such sources. We can understand how big the market can be in the coming decades.

Best Online Shopping Sites 2016:

Other than this you might like to know that shopping apps are growing faster than sites. Yes, this might be filthy fact but Smartphone users are more towards shopping to be frank. We will keep that away and get on with our list of the best 5 shopping sites in the world. You will find them very easy to use on the first hand next they are the best reliable sources in the world actually. You can't find or switch to any other better service in my view.

Top 3 Online Shopping Sites In The World:

1. Amazon.com

Amazon.com is the world's leading online retailer and shopping site. You can call it the best selling network in the world and most trusted as well. It offers you different products, goods and services in every category you can imagine. It serves worldwide and it was founded 21 years ago on July 6, 1994. The main official website is available for everyone in the world. There are 17 different countries with their separate retail country websites. It shows how much Amazon is trusted and the buyer ship is gradually increasing.
 More Information
  • Founder: Jeff Bezos ( Present CEO and President)
  • Alex Rank: 6 worldwide (as per June 2015)
  • Type: E commerce/Online Shopping
  • Net Income: $241 Million (2014)
  • Total Revenue: $88.988 billion (2014)
Most of the popular categories are Bookstore, Clothing, Technology, Consumer Electronics and more. It has also setup Amazon Prime which provides Instant Video with yearly fee subscription.
It has grown gradually with many other subsidiaries like Amazon Web Services, Twitch and more.

2. Ebay.com

Ebay is not just an online shopping site but serves as Auction site as well. It is one of the best American multinational company, serves as E Commerce and online shopping site. The interesting part is that it helps sellers find buyers easily and more over sell stuff like cars, antiques and more using their auction. It is presently accessible in thirty different countries and has multibillion dollar business.
It was founded by Pierre Omidya who is the present Chairman and John Donahoe is the CEO of the company. It was founded in the year 1995, almost 20 years back. The formula for its revenue i simple to charge users for service, well or auction listed.
Information About Ebay.com
  • Available in : 30 Countries
  • Type: Online Shopping and Auction Site
  • Net income: $ 46 Million (2014)
  • Revenue:  $ 17.90 Billion (2014)
Well I don't actually have to introduce you the America's best home shopping site which has everything to offer. You will wonder why they have changed their company slogan many a times.

3. Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com is provided by Alibaba group limited founded in the year 1999. It is the largest Chinese shopping site and is gradually expanding worldwide. They have web portal which offers service for sellers, business men to directly sell their service or products to buyers. Actually the online site was founded in the year 2012 with more options to connect worldwide and made more than $170 billion through sales.
You will be shocked to know that Alibaba is receiving sales around the world faster than other shopping sites. This has leaded to generate revenue of ¥76.204 billion (2015).
It has been estimated that Alibaba has made better revenue than Amazon.com and Ebay.com in the previous year 2014.
More Information Regarding Alibaba.com
  • Type: Online shopping, E-Commerce
  • Founder: Jack Ma
  • Available: Worldwide
  • Revenue: ¥ 76.204 Billion
The factors on which these sites are ranked on top 5 in world are truly based on our aspects of viewing the world growth. We have followed the trends, sales made, quality of service and deals provided to rank them.
We will like to know your view on the list and what might be your list of choice for best shopping sites. We are looking forward for you to comment and share your experience with us. 

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